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Avril P.

Working with Leanne and her gentle intuitive guidance has changed the way I feel about my life. Instead of feeling down-trodden, victimized or overwhelmed, I feel that through a gradual shift in consciousness, facilitated by Leanne, I see the world in a different context that includes Joy, Worthiness, Play, and Appreciation. She affirms my true nature with the guidance she provides and helps me to see beyond my own often limited thinking to where I can see beauty and choices. She is creative, honest, funny, gentle, firm, intuitive and generally a joy to be in session with. I thank God for her influence in my life.

Without being pretentious, invasive or condescending, she helps me get to what I really need to see. I can go into a session thinking I know what I'm going to say and almost magically she leads me to an inner heart place that inspires truth.

She has a way of getting past or through all the unconscious manipulation, resistance, or unwillingness I might bring with me into a session. I always leave feeling like something important has shifted for the better. My gratitude for her is unlimited.

Otto Haller Phd.
Excerpted from the book "Do You Have Moment?" Maynard and Leanne Dalderis

"What would you rather leave, footprints in the sand or your heart?" I was shocked, taken aback. The naked truth was too much. I had met Leanne for the second time; she didn't know me. She could not have "psyched me out," I thought. No one could have formulated the center of a conflict so precisely, so quickly, and in my own language! I felt utterly transparent, naked. The rapidity of the reply left me defenseless; the arrow of truth had penetrated. I knew that they knew and that they were right. Indeed I would much prefer to leave my heart than footprints in the sand. But wait, am I trying to be a "nice guy" in front of all these people, or do I truly want to leave my heart?

My career as a psychologist had come to a full stop. Why explore individual differences and personality theory? To control and comprehend others? Learning and development, my specialty, amounts to understanding a person on the basis of his past and to capture the process of change. We want to control, to direct the orchestra despite the fact that we have access to only a small portion of it.

What about science? The picture was clear to me. Like spiders, scientists make a web and it, we believe, is reality. We bind ourselves by it and to it. To explore, like spiders, we hang on to the end of the string into space -- each string tightly knit to the web.

I could not proceed. Psychology was dead. As a professor, things looked hopeless as well. I could but offer an empty hand, a confabulation, pieces of web to constrict oneself with, pieces of rope to bind oneself with.

Yet, I was not quite ready to burn my notes and books. Perhaps it would be useful to summarize my work for those that follow. Yes, I would be back in business. "God, your humble servant merely leaves footprints in the sand." All was fine. All, except a nagging doubt. "Am I building another web?" Concealing my conflict and in the safety of my cleverness, I asked the Guides: "Would it be okay to leave footprints in the sand?" Leanne, sitting on the floor amidst garlic popcorn and tea, and without pause, ceremony or hesitation said: "Would you rather leave footprints in the sand or in your heart?"

For over two years now, the Guides have been my counselors, psychotherapists, friends, facilitators and guiding lights. Never have I seen better psychotherapy, never had I seen gentler teachers, and never have I seen a more direct path to the center of problems than in Leanne and Maynard's apartment.

What led me to the Guides? While licking my wounds at home, I joined a small group of people in reading and discussing A Course in Miracles. Leanne and Maynard were there as well. They invited everyone for "popcorn and tea." Not only was I blessed with meeting the most sharing couple but also with a practical demonstration of Miracles. Leanne and Maynard are miracle workers as described in A Course in Miracles. Their invitation to "Come up anytime," I gladly received and frequently used.

When you visit Leanne and Maynard's apartment, nothing out of the ordinary seems to happen. Leanne may be sitting on the floor eating popcorn. A question is put to the Guides. Leanne is attentive for a fraction of a second, then utters profound truth in her usual voice. Then some more popcorn, follow-up questions, more answers, etc. Nothing to it. No pomp, no ceremony, no effort. Leanne agrees: "All I have to do is to get out of the way."

A Course in Miracles and the Guides are very important to me. They provide the way to the Light, the Center, the Love, the Peace, and the Truth I know is everywhere. This knowledge and the availability of the Guides is most helpful when clouds obscure the sun. No need to worry, the sun is above the clouds; no need to worry, Love is there, Peace is there, Truth is there. No need to worry, the Guides will help.

May this book help you to find Love, Peace and Truth. ... Otto

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