Leanne Dalderis

      Seminars for 2003


Summer Programs:


Hiking with the Guides


(A Personal Journey)

with Leanne Dalderis

& the “Guides”



If you love nature and would like to combine this with a personal journey of spirit, then you might like to consider a gentle “guided” hike with Leanne Dalderis and her “Guides”.


Your journey will take you into the Rocky mountains with a specific focus on healing and discovery. Leanne has hiked in the mountains near Calgary for all of her life. She loves to guide people with her guidance and to share the wonder and power of being in nature. The journey will include a session and conversation with the “Guides”. Your inner and outer journey will be fused with the healing power of nature. It will be a truly “guided” journey.


What journey would you like to take?

Possibilities for the focus of your journey:

*Completion *Asking *Reconnecting with your being

*Renewal *Re-energizing *Insights *Awakening

*Opening *Answers *Discovering another way

*Reflection *Discovery *Expression *Listening

*Being in touch with...


Some places we may visit:                           


Big Hill Springs                                  Prairie Creek 

Cougar Creek                                       Grotto Mountain

Grassi Lakes                                       Prairie View/Jewell Pass           

Heart Creek                                         Many Springs          

Ribbon Creek                                      Kananaskis Canyon           



“Hiking with the Guides” (4 hours approx.) :            $95.00

combines a guided session with the wisdom of Leanne’s Guidance and a hike in one of the above mentioned destinations

A journey for two people: $150.00

A journey for three people: $200.00



Phone Leanne Dalderis at 282-9395 to set up a time that is best for you. More detailed instructions will be given at the time of registration. The journeys may be booked from May 1st  to September 15th.


 All journeys begin with a desire to take the first step.”


Fall Programs:

“Doing What We Love to  Do”   
This series focuses on getting in touch with and
actually doing what we each love to do. In these
five weeks we uncover blocks, beliefs, resistance,
gifts, and the steps we can take to truly having what
we love to do as an experience in our lives.

Five Tuesday Evenings

7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.


September 9th to October 7th 2003

October 14th to November 11th 2003

Cost:  $95.00 including GST


“The Inner Express” Program

A program of guidance and group support for

each person’s expression, inspiration, encouragement,

movement, momentum, and completion.


Every Thursday evening for four months

7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

September 11th to December 18th


Cost: $245.00 including GST

         $240.00 if registered before August 23th


"Letting go one step at a Time"A Program in going beyond “Controloholism”


September 8th – December 8th


Nearly all our energy is taken up by trying to control those things we cannot control. “Letting Go – One Step at a Time” is a practical, spiritually centered series based on the 12 Step Program that offers us a life free from the need to control.


Come join Leanne Dalderis in a series of recovery that helps each one of us to let go of everything that controls us. We will apply the Twelve Steps and in group processes to our control issues and experience the freedom of being “Higher Powered”. There is another way!


We do not give up our controls in order to lose our very survival; we give up our controls so that we may be given Life – we may thrive.


We do not give up our controls so that nothing gets done or accomplished; we give up our controls so that finally , what is appropriate for all healing may be accomplished.                -- Excerpted from “Beyond Controloholism.”



Participation Fee: $275.00 for the series ( includes two sessions with the “Guides” and the “Letting Go One Step at a Time” manual)


Phone: Leanne Dalderis at 282-9395 for more information and to register

for any of the courses Email: dalderis@vitagenics.ca




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