Leanne and Maynard Dalderis

"We are extra ordinary people receiving extraordinary guidance. Maynard and I began this path by reading A Course in Miracles. In the "Course" it mentioned that if we wanted guidance, all we had to do was ask. So, we asked. A few months later, in November of 1982, I heard voices explaining anything we did not understand about A Course in Miracles, about the Twelve Step Program, about our relationship, about Life, about anything that would help lead us home to ourselves, to God."

Leanne Leanne
Leanne is the channel of a beautiful guidance known as the Guides. Her personal experience upon connecting with the Guidance was one of "coming home". Their clarity, their gentleness, their humor, and their uncanny adeptness at touching the real roots of our pain inspired Leanne to share this guidance with others. Through consultations with Leanne, and through the dictations she receives from the Guidance, healing is extended by the recognition and release of the blocks, conditions, and conclusions we hold which stops the flow of our innate ability to love and be love. The Guidance loving helps us to connect with our own solutions, our own gifts within. "The Guidance is out of this world."

Maynard  Maynard
Maynard's gift is Release. This opens the door to healing as he tunes into the tensions and disturbances we hold in our energy fields. He quickly senses what people are holding on to and shows the way to release (Real-Ease). Maynard is well versed in the use of many effective healing techniques -- Vita-flex, the Master Cleanser, Color Therapy, Rebirthing, and has developed the "Well Spring Release" for Spiritual Seekers Syndrome. He offers many simple and practical means of connecting with our wellness within. While these methods are simple, the results are truly amazing. Maynard is a veteran of 30 years with the 12 Step Program for addictions. Maynard has offered his encouragement to Leanne to share her gift of guidance. Maynard has systematically written down all the messages and insights from "The Guides" over the last 12 years. 

Who are the Guides?

"We are expressions of Love, just as you are, and that is the most important thing to know of any being. We are your wake-up call. We offer you another way of peace and centeredness. We issue you an invitation to see and express your gifts. We remind you of your Source -- we remind you to let go and let God. We remind you -- it is time to come Home." 

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