The Root of all "dis"ease

"Any pain is resistance. Any pain or feeling hurt is a resistance to the reality of God and a decision "this is how things should be". ... "At the basis of any disease is a desire to be right. ... Whatever the reason the desire to be right keeps the disease." ...(Opening to Healing)

"All your solutions are a state of disease. Indeed, all your attempts to manage anything are a diseased state. In other words -- self-will is a dis-ease. ... You have wanted to be right and you have been willing to sacrifice your health for this. ... Your solutions are not what bring you Peace. They are the dis-ease. ... " (Do You have a Moment?)

The ego's wanting to control is the root cause of: all illusion, all separation,
all "dis" -EASE.

image "Letting Go...One Step at a Time" - a gentle 12 Step Guide to going Beyond Controloholism A gentle wake up call to let go of our controls.

Controloholism: wanting to be right, self-will run riot, or "my way" is the root cause of all addictions, all obsessive compulsive habits, all dis-ease."Letting Go...One Step at a Time" is a LIFELINE, A NEW BEGINNING to all who suffer. What the 12 Step Program has been to alcoholism, "Letting Go...One Step at a Time"is to be to all other dis-eases. It works where there is a little willingness. Now in manuscript form, this manual uses the 12 STEPS to live a life BEYOND CONTROL.

Release the addiction of wanting to control and accept the Giftedness of who you truly are.


The 12 Steps can be used for the healing of any human "condition".

The Steps are a step-by-step process to surrender to God.

Prior to the 12 Steps Alcoholism was considered "incurable".

In order to see the compatibility between A Course In Miracles and the 12 Step Program, our Readers are invited to discover the similarities between the "Rules for Decisions" in Chapter 30 of A COURSE IN MIRACLES and the 12 Steps.

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