Spiritual Seekers Syndrome

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Health and Wellness comes from being in touch with our Source and expressing our Gifts. Healing is the release beyond "dis-ease" and the Recovery of Who we truly are.
Wholistic Healing is the Integration of Mind, Body and Spirit to become Whole or Holy. 

The Gift of Release

Excerpted from Presence Presence:
copyright 1992 Manuscript Maynard and Leanne Dalderis

The Gift of Release releases us from all that we hold and replaces it with God's Ease.
God is Ease -- Real Ease.
We are released from pain. We are released from resentment. We are released from judgments and ideas that never served us. We are released from prejudice. We are released from struggle and conflict. We are given the gift of Release so that we may let go of all that has kept us stuck and imprisoned. We are able to live Real Ease ... 

Spiritual Seekers Syndrome(SSS)

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Well-Spring Release

Maynard's giftedness is Release. Maynard has developed the Wellspring Release for a set of conditions termed "Spiritual Seekers Syndrome" (SSS).
If you relate to the diagram's illustration of
Chronic Pain, release is possible in minutes.

For a Simple Test for SSS refer to Diagram

Origins and Causes of Spiritual Seekers Syndrome

Information and Descriptive Booklet

What are the Results of the Wellspring Release?

The Wellspring Release releases tensions, holding patterns and stress in minutes using a Martial Art Chi or Life Energy process. It gives us a choice to release our past conditioning and invite in our gifts. For a permanent release the underlying causative thinking patterns also need to be released. The manual "Letting Go...One Step at a Time" is recommended. 

Refer also to the section Beyond Controloholism and Seminars

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