The Dalderis':"Why are these teachings being revealed to us?"
GUIDES : "Because if you two can get it anyone can."

image "Do You Have a Moment" opens one to a sense of timeless Love and Peace in the Moment. $16.50 Can.\ $ 12.95 U.S.

"Do You have a Moment to consider there may be another way? Do You have a Moment to see love? And if you make a mistake, Do You have a Moment to choose again? Do You have a Moment to ask for guidance? Do You have a Moment to question your belief in pain? Do You have a Moment for Joy and laughter? Do You have a Moment for others? Understand, it all the same moment. This moment is NOW. Do You have a Moment to begin-NOW? It only takes a moment."

image "ASKCEPTANCE" is such a moment where asking and acceptance are one. Askceptance goes beyond time and space.
It opens us to the miracle Now.
$16.50 Can.\ $ 12.95 U.S.

"Truly, asking and accepting that the answer will be given is a state of mind that occurs simultaneously -- it is ASKCEPTANCE. It is a reliance on the Self within. It is a reliance on a Power Greater than ourselves because that Power is Ourselves and Everything else. It is a state of willingness. We ask and accept that the answer is already given. There is nothing that is not answered if we but ask, and it is this we accept."

image "WHERE IS YOUR WORTH " is a relationship book, guiding us back from a desperate and fruitless search of fixing our outside circumstances, to the centering that heals.
$16.50 Can.\ $ 12.95 U.S.

"There has been a desperate search. This search has left a trail of broken promises and shattered relationships. It has left a trail of disillusionment and despair. But we say: There is a gift of Worth in everyone. There is a gift of Worth in each of us. This is the gift we bring to all relationships. This is our Worth. We would have you open this gift now. We would have you see your true Worth -- The gift that is within...Accept this book for all its Worth."

image "OPENING TO HEALING " is a condensed jewel for opening and maintaining a healing path. $9.95 Can.\ $ 7.95 U.S.

Only Ease can heal "dis-ease" -- this much is obvious. This book is an invitation to open the gifts of Love, Peace, Joy, Healing, Ease, Support ... within ourselves.
"Any pain is resistance. Any pain or feeling hurt is a resistance to the reality of God and a decision "this is how things should be". ...p6
"At the basis of any disease is a desire to be right. ... Whatever the reason the desire to be right keeps the disease." ...p15
This inexhaustible booklet is a powerful Guideline for individuals or group seminars.

image "Letting Go...One Step at a Time" - a gentle 12 Step Guide to going Beyond Controloholism " A gentle wake up call to let go of our controls.$45.00 Can.\ $ 35.00 U.S

Controloholism: wanting to be right, self-will run riot, or "my way" is the root cause of all addictions, all obsessive compulsive habits, all dis-ease."Letting Go...One Step at a Time" is a LIFELINE, A NEW BEGINNING to all who suffer. What the 12 Step Program has been to alcoholism, "Letting Go...One Step at a Time"is to be to all other dis-eases. It works where there is a little willingness. Now in manuscript form, this manual uses the 12 STEPS to live a life BEYOND CONTROL. Refer to the section Beyond Controloholism

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