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  1. Is there anything wrong in having plans?
  2. Resignation and Letting Go
  3. Accountability
  4. It's No Use
  5. Guilt
  6. Holding onto Guilt
  7. The Gift of Being Able to be a Beginner
  8. A Few Considerations for World Peace
  9. Christmas and Family Conflicts
  10. The Gift of True Christmas
  11. Grace
  12. Letting Go of the Past
  13. Ease or easy
  14. Asking Part 1
  15. Asking Part 2
  16. Asking Part 3
  17. Asking Part 4
  18. What's the point?
  19. Higher Powered
  20. What truly brings us Peace
  21. How Faith and Prayer can assist Miracles in occurring.
  22. It won't work!
  23. Wake up Calls
  24. Is there only one path to God?
  25. Owing
  26. Going in Cycles
  27. Feeling Overwhelmed
  28. A Prayer for the Gift of Receiving
  29. Comparision
  30. Who is the Source
  31. I'm afraid to let down my wall
  32. Claiming Your Power
  33. Playing with Blocks
  34. Overwhelming Sadness
  35. Difficulty in Making Decisions

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