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This week's topic:
Difficulty in Making Decisions

 Sometimes we have difficulty in making decisions. We choose one course
of action and then wonder if we should have chosen another. We
vacillate between decisions that face us - should I do this or this?
Should I go here or there? Should I pick this or that? Should I
be with this person or that person? Should I go forward or backward?
We drive ourselves crazy trying to make the right decision. We choose
one decision only to turn around and desperately choose the opposite.

Let us look at what we are trying to accomplish with our decisions.
For most of us making a decision comes from a place of avoidance.
We attempt to make a decision where we can avoid certain feelings. 
We try to find a decision that is comfortable for us. So, we
vacillate back and forth between decisions in an attempt to avoid
uncomfortable feelings. "Give me a decision that is comfortable!"

Truly, most decisions are not comfortable for we are called upon to 
make decisions that take us beyond our limitations, beyond what has
blocked and contained us. We are called upon to make decisions that
take us out of our old patterns and beliefs. This is not always
comfortable. If we expect to find a comfortable decision, we will
avoid making a decision. 

To release our difficulty with making decisions, are we willing to be
present with whatever feelings that arise from that decision? It is
all about being present with whatever we decide - uncomfortable
feelings and all. Avoiding these feelings is usually why we put off
decisions - we are afraid of the feelings that the decision brings.

The second thing we try to avoid is making the "wrong" decision. 
We are often afraid to make any decision just in case it is the 
"wrong" one. If we enter the arena of "right and wrong", making
decisions will be very frustrating and confining indeed.

The solution is simply this: "Am I willing to be present with whatever
I decide and invite the very best to occur? Am I willing to see that
whatever decision I give to my Higher Power can be used for

God, would You help me to be present with whatever I decide.
Would You help me to feel whatever feelings are connected with 
this decision so I may be present for what is best.
Would You help me to see that, ultimately, my real decision is
to be with You, to be guided by Your Wisdom, Your Peace,
Your Direction.
Please help me see that when I am present with You, decisions
unfold in the best way possible.

For your consideration,

     -- The Guides
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