We wish to share the gifts with you, for with these gifts, the more gifts you ask for, receive, and share, the more there is for everyone. Some of the 220 Gifts in the Presence Presents and the Inner Presence card decks are presented below. You are invited to see how these gifts fit into your day,week, your life.  
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Origin of the Gifts

The gifts were given one Christmas when we were searching for what to give each member of our group. We wanted to give some token of our appreciation but what would have any meaning at all? We soon realized that what we really wanted to give were the gifts we wanted most in our hearts to receive -- the gifts of spirit, the real true, gifts of the heart. Gifts like: the Gift of Love, the Gift of Truth, the Gift of Supportive Friends, the Gift of Harmony... and when we wrote these gifts on cards and passed them out in our group, it was a Christmas unlike any other. The wattage in the room seemed to expand until there was nothing but brightness and each other's connection. We were touched by God's Presence. 

What are the Gifts?

The gifts go beyond explanation. To us, they are simply a reminder to let God be in charge of our lives in a 110 different ways. They are a reminder of what God gives to us just for the asking. They are a reminder that the gifts are already open and only await our willingness to receive them. They are a reminder that we don't have to become deserving of them -- we are given them freely, unconditionally, and continually. They remind us of what is in our hearts, of what is in the hearts of others and of what is in God. They are a reminder of God's Presence that is always with us.

Since that meeting we have shared the gifts, asked for the gifts and learned about the gifts. Quite often in groups of people we pass out the gifts. We get varied reactions -- surprise, suspicion, delight, wonder. But each person who sees their gift seems touched in some way, for they always ask -- "Can I keep it?" and the answer is always, "Yes".

We wish to share the gifts with you, for with these gifts, the more gifts you ask for, receive, and share, the more there is for everyone and the more we realize the gift that each one of us is, and the gift that God is.

May you receive these gifts will all our blessings and may the spirit of Christmas or any other Holy Day be in your hearts each moment of each and every day. 

What does it mean to be Gifted?

You all are already gifted. A set of Gift Cards will be the daily reminders to open your presents. These cards lead us to the source of all our gifts -- God's Presence. Each set has 110 business sized cards. Each set contains key words to unlock your giftedness. We use them daily to remind ourselves of the many gifts that are always present. Each gift is a nutrient for nurturing the spirit. 

Where can the Gifts be used?

Everywhere. To begin the day, the moment, conversations, sharings, relationships, encounters, meetings, askings, meditations, and guidance.
We may use them when we wish centering, guidance, direction. We may pass them on to people we meet at work, on the street, in line-ups, on the bus, in restaurants, in letters we write, in packages that we send -- wherever there is an opportunity to pass on the gifts of the spirit, the gifts of healing.

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